Soulful Show 036

Soulful Show 046

Bushman was back this week for an extensive show. The first time in 2 years Bushman has dropped a 2 hour set with speaking.

This recording was live from Radio and hopefully, you can lock in next week to hear more from Bushman!!!


No Work, No Pay (HyperSOUL-X's HT Mix) - DJ Epitonic SA, Hakeem - Hyper Production (SA)
No Trust In This World (Original Mix) - InQfive, Thab De Soul - Celsius Degree Records
Breath (Original Mix) - XtetiQsoul, Limpopo Rhythm, Afrikayla - Iklwa Brothers Music
Ubunzima (Atmospheric Mix) - Atmos Blaq - Bosom
Afrika - Claude-9 Morupisi - Flower Power
Coflo's Bounce (Coflo Deep Mix) - Coflo - SP Recordings
AYODELE - Jon Mavek - dot dot dot Records
Cloud (Original Mix) - Da Africa Deep, Lyrik Shoxen - Xpressed Records
Trip To Durban (Night Mix) - Mr Raoul K, XtetiQsoul - MoBlack Records
Yoruba Chants (Original Mix) - Ma-B - Hyper Production (SA)
The Dreamer (Original Mix) - Rhythm Sounds - Nothing But... The Sound of Afro House, Vol. 03
I Can't Dance (Original Mix) - Thab De Soul - Sunclock
Chaos On Saturn (Original Mix) - Aimo - Aluku Records
Morabe - InQfive, Demented Soul - Open Bar Music
Kwanele (Original Mix) - Stones & Bones, Bukeka - Merecumbe Recordings
Bukhula - Tina Ardor - Bukhula
Yami - Paco De Rosa - Say to Me
Diagnosed (Imp5 AfroTech Mix) - Demented Soul - UPR Vaults Locks Unchained Vol. IV
Kerubo (Club Mix) - Da Africa Deep - Da Fuba Records
Memories - Farnkysoule - Open Bar Music
Toy Carousel (Original) - Zakir - Toy Carousel
Trailblazer - Benny T - Afrocentric Records
We Have Lift Off (Original Mix) - XtetiQsoul, Candy Man - Iklwa Brothers Music
Always be there - P.M Feat Cilongo - Single